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Our LOUIE leadership model combines the vision and direction of leadership with the power
and motivation of relationships.

Meet Louie

From the unlikeliest of sources—a rescue pup—organizations can reap decades of leadership lessons and nuggets of wisdom. Louie’s initial fears and bad behaviors prompted his new owner, author Danise C. DiStasi, to use everything she knew about leadership to help him. These same tools now assist many organizations as well.

In this unique and insightful take on leadership development, Danise C. DiStasi and her team share a valuable model through various tools and stories of her rescue pup, Louie. From him, Danise has learned the real value of leadership, and their journey together reveals how to successfully develop leaders. This simple yet effective model boils the research down to the most essential leadership requirements:

  • Love, respect, and trust are foundational in leadership
  • Objectives and goals are needed to provide direction and alignment
  • Understand others and learn how to work through conflict
  • Investment into building relationships and developing others
  • Empowerment that allows your team to thrive

Through the Louie model, leaders learn how their everyday behavior affects their teams’ outcomes. Applying this simple, yet effective, tool will develop leaders to empower and develop their teams every day.