Customized Leadership Solutions

Keynote Speeches

Danise provides keynote speeches on the topic of relational leadership, specifically customized to your event theme. Please contact Char@di-advisors.com to set up a call to discuss your keynote speaker needs.

Books and Companion Study Guides

From the unlikeliest of sources—a rescue pup—you can reap decades of leadership lessons and nuggets of wisdom. Louie’s initial fears and bad behaviors prompted his new owner, author Danise C. DiStasi, to use everything she knew about leadership to work it out.

What Danise learned from and with Louie forms the basis for her simple and streamlined leadership model. For a leader in any organization, this approach boils down numerous leadership studies to one understandable formula. With a few changes in behavior, anyone can become a great leader, and any team can produce great work. One example from Louie’s stories is the PAWS method for dealing with issues. As a leader, it is important to respond professionally and appropriately to conflict, thus avoiding acting in a way you will regret. Stellar leadership has a direct connection to relationship building, and it is this wisdom that forms the basis for Louie’s lessons.

With praise from Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager, this insightful guide reveals how to truly empower a team. By following this model, a leader can take the first step: investing in and understanding others, allowing a true transformation to take place.

Please email danise@di-advisors.com for a customized study guide for your organization.

Stand-Alone 4 Hour Workshops

Workshops are customized to your specific need. Topics include:

  • LOUIE Leadership Workshop
  • How To Build Trust
  • Learn The Art Of Conflict Resolution; Utilizing the PAWS Method
  • How To Set And Achieve Team Goals (Which Align With Company Goals)
  • How To Develop Listening Skills and Understand How We Communicate
  • Understand Our Strengths
  • Develop Leadership Tools To Develop Leaders
  • Motivate And Invest In Your Team
  • Empower Others/Accountability

Executive Coaching

Leadership development emerged over a decade ago as the key reason for Executive Coaching. The most successful leaders are those who continue to be developed professionally and relationally. Today, overwhelmingly, business leaders see leadership development as the key purpose of coaching. DiStasi Advisors provides coaching to develop the leader and assist the leader in developing their team. The emphasis is on relational leadership and development, in conjunction with building into key organizational processes.

Group Coaching

The DL2 program (Developing Leaders Squared) consists of monthly sessions, with 10-12 leaders to learn the LOUIE model and develop outstanding leadership skills and behaviors. Those leaders in turn develop other leaders. These sessions are highly customized according to our client’s needs and include the following topics:

  1. Introduction: Foundational Leadership Assessments; Understand How We Work Together
  2. How To Build Trust
  3. Learn The PAWS Method
  4. How To Set And Achieve Team Goals (Which Align With Company Goals)
  5. How To Develop Listening Skills and Understand How We Communicate
  6. Learn The Art Of Conflict Resolution
  7. Understand Our Strengths
  8. Develop Leadership Tools To Develop Leaders
  9. Motivate And Invest In Your Team
  10. Coach Others For Success
  11. Empower Others/Accountability

Introducing Developing Leaders Squared (DL2)

Learning Modality & Average Retention RateDL2 is a team approach to developing leaders to develop leaders. We meet with your leadership team once a month for a 2-3 hour session (or longer if a more in-depth workshop is needed). The group holds each other accountable to practice the learnings and review them with the leaders they are developing. DL2 teams are highly effective and proven to strengthen the leadership of your organization, ensure accountability and increase productivity.